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Born Ethlyne Williamson, Ethlyne Clair (23 November 1904 – 27 February 1996) was an American actress. She was a native of Talladega, Alabama. A former New York art student, she appeared mostly in silent film, including several Westerns where she played the love interest to Hoot Gibson. She was succeeded by Derelys Perdue in the Newlyweds film series, in which she appeared in 1927 and 1928. She appeared in the serials The Vanishing Rider (1928) and Queen of the Northwoods (1929). She was a WAMPAS Baby Stars alumna.

Clair also produced the 1990 CGI-animated short film Greenuts with Jake Sharratt. Clair died in 1996. The closing credits for the 1997 CGI sequel Greenuts 2: The 2nd Film Begins noted: "In memory of Ethlyne Clair, 1904–1996."