Geo Animation Studios is an American animation studio owned by Paramount Pictures.

The studio has produced 17 films, its first being Greenuts in 1993 and its latest being World of Jake in 2013.



Title Year Director(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Distributor
Greenuts 1993 Jake Sharratt Craig McCracken and Rachel MacFarlene Tim Hill
Chris Jones
Paramount Pictures
Under the Blue Sea 1996 Jake Sharratt
Chris Jones (co-director)
Seth MacFarlene Ruairi Robinson and Tim Hill
Greenuts 2: the 2nd Film Begins 1997 Jake Sharratt Ruairi Robinson and Rachel MacFarlene
Green Slugs in the Yellow Bag 1999 Chris Jones Ruairi Robinson Seth Green and Jake Sharratt
Red 2001 Jake Sharratt Tim Hill and Chris Jones
The Don and Don 2002 Jake Sharratt Chris Jones and Ruairi Robinson Seth Green
Joe 2004 Craig McCracken  Jake Sharratt Chris Jones
A Midnight Film 2005 Jake Sharratt Rachel MacFarlene Tim Hill
The Fun-House 2006 Tim Hill Chris Jones Jake Sharratt and Seth Green
Greenuts 3: the 10th Geo Animation Studios Film 2007 Alex Bulkley Seth Green and Chris Jones Ruairi Robinson and Chris Jones & Seth MacFarlene
A Snake's Creek 2008 Ruairi Robinson Jake Sharratt and Chris Jones Seth Green
Going Crackers 2009 Jake Sharratt Tim Hill Seth MacFarlene
Daisy-Head Mayzie 2010 Chris Jones Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul Jake Sharratt
Dead Lead 2011 Jake Sharratt Seth MacFarlene and Jake Sharratt Ruairi Robinson and Seth Green
Vegetables 2012 Ruairi Robinson Chris Jones Jake Sharratt
Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends 2013 Craig McCracken Chris Jones
World of Jake 2013 Jake Sharratt Craig McCracken and Seth MacFarlene


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