Weirdo Monsters: The Movie (Known As "A Monsters Of Weirdville Movie" In Europe) Is A 2013 CGI Animated Comedy Adventure Family Film Produced By Geo Animation Studios, Cartoon Network Movies, Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe And Greenyworld Studios, And Distrubuted By Warner Bros. Pictures, Based On The Show On The Same Name. It Was Directed By Jake Sharratt And Mic Graves, And Produced By Geo G. And Mic Graves. This Was Geo Animation Studios' First Film Distributed By Warner Bros. Pictures.

Production Edit

On 1998, Geo Animation Studios Said That A New Movie Was Going To Be Released, Set For 2000. The Movie Was Then Titled "Untitled Monster Movie", But Then It Was Changed To "Monsters And Giants". But Jake Sharratt Went To Direct Green Slugs In The Yellow Bag, So He Was Replaced By Geo G., Causing It To Move To 2001. They Wanted Another Director, So They Chose Craig McCracken. But Geo G. Needed To Work On The Geo Team Movie, And It Was Delayed To 2004. More TBA!

Sequel Edit

In 2014, A Sequel Was Announced, With The Original Title Called "Weirdo Monsters 2: Partners In Time", But Then Was Changed To "Weirdo Monsters 2: A Great New World". It Will Be Released On 2016.